Hello, I don’t know you and you don’t know me but what is clear is that I am me therefore you must be you. I used to have such a hard time with that. That being that other people exist and its not just me and everyone here is a figment of my imagination. I

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So I fail at life. Of this I am painfully aware yet I keep trying, pressing on and failing more times. But then at least I keep trying to do things and not give up or play the mental health card. Maybe I should give up trying but then I think I haven’t failed at

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Sertraline = Booo

So I started taking all my meds again. I stopped taking Sertraline in the hopes it would help to bring my weight down. Turns on the side effects are a bit too much for me to handle. I lasted two weeks. Maybe now isn’t the right time to come off them. Last night me and

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Proper Post – Its a long one

Hi. Let me introduce myself, I’m Andy and this is my blog. I try and update it but fail quite often. If you are one of my friends, then I normally ‘moan’ at you on either Messenger or Skype when I’m on. You know when you have the urge to do something but can’t quite

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I’ve been meaning to do an update for a while now. But as you can guess from the title, I never get round to it. Usually distracted by things, or generally being lazy. Things are ok at the moment. Mental health wise I’m just getting over a few bumps in the road and am starting

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So So

So I’ve been staring at this blank screen for 15 minutes now and can’t find the urge to type. Not sure why. Used to love blogging. http://www.mentalhealth.com/home/dx/borderlinepersonality.html *sigh* See if I can do a post later tonight about it.

Something Witty Here

*sigh* I feel a bit disappointed in myself for not being able to muster up a post yesterday. I know I shouldn’t, doesn’t change anything though! I have been

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?

Hola. I’m still not 100%. Thoughts, eyes and such as somewhat uncoordinated causing a paranoia forcing me to keep my head down. Physically. Hopefully it will pass. It usually does, just makes life weird. Its like you are scared of anything & everything so you hide. Problem is, hiding causes a flair up in the

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Hey. That’s all I managed to write yesterday, today is a bit better so I can write more. I’m currently in a manic cycle.I prefer these moods than low ones. I just need to be around people when I’m in this mood otherwise I tend to go a bit crazy. Not bad crazy but more

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